Embroidery Resources

Placement Template

Most of our Sew Creative Embroidery Club project and design sets recommend using a stitched or printed placement template for best embroidery results. Please download the instructions for the placement template and keep handy.

Hoop Sizes

In our Sew Creative Embroidery Club projects we are now using universal terms when referring to embroidery hoops. To see how these universal terms translate to your Husqvarna and Pfaff embroidery hoops, please download the table here.

Printing Directions

Some of our Sew Creative Embroidery Club projects include printable patterns. To print the patterns to the correct size be sure to follow the directions in our Printing Pattern Pages document.

Glossary of Terms and Techniques

If you are new to sewing you may not be familiar with all of the sewing terms and techniques we use in our Sew Creative Embroidery Club projects. Please download our glossary here. You can use this document as a reference guide for the products listed in the sewing supplies section of your pattern. You will also find brief descriptions for most of the sewing terms and techniques we routinely use. Enjoy your project!

Sewing Machine Presser Feet

Your sewing machine comes with an assortment of presser feet for both utility and decorative sewing. In addition, many optional sewing machine feet are available for almost every brand and model of sewing machine. Sewing machine manuals often have a listing of optional sewing machine presser feet, usually with diagrams or pictures. You can also inquire at your local sewing machine retailer about specialty feet available for your sewing machine. Click here to download a list of the presser feet used in many of our project instructions. Alternative feet or methods are listed where possible.