Setting Eyelets

Love the look of eyelets; they are clean and modern and  give your projects a custom look. They are ideal for adding lacing details to jeans, skirts and tops. Use to embellish hats, bags, belts and more. They are great for adding a hanging loop to the sachets.


Lots of different types of eyelets are available. Many are for use with paper, some are for leather and some are for use with fabric. Here’s what I used. These are two part, the eyelet (front) and the washer (back).  Because there is a front and a back, they hold the fabric well and do not come off, even with lots of use.


Here’s how to attach them. First, punch a small hole where you want the eyelet, through all layers. I used the Clover eyelet punch for this simple little task. Works beautifully.


Insert the eyelet (the part with the longer post) through the hole, from front to back.


Place the eyelet onto the anvil (the base setting tool). And, place the washer onto the post of the eyelet, from the wrong side.


From the back, position the small end of the flaring tool into the post of the eyelet. Hold the flaring tool straight and firmly tap with hammer.


And voila!