Quick Gifts To Make–Sweet Dreams

Many years ago, when I worked for Husqvarna Viking, I did this seminar we called Quick Gifts To Make. It was based on a book of projects that the US education department put together. The seminar was lots of fun and very popular. Basically I showed a variety of cute projects, that were easy to make and made great gift ideas. Well, in that vein Id like to share some great gift ideas over the next few weeks before Christmas. First up is this fragrant eye pillow is a great aid in rest and relaxation.


The eye pillow measures 4” x 8” and it is filled with a mixture of dried lavender and flaxseed. To use it simply lie down, close your eyes and place the eye pillow over your eyes. The gentle pressure to the top of the cheekbone along with complete darkness provides the perfect recipe for deep, restful sleep.


Place it in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes to help relieve headaches and to reduce puffy eyes. Store in a zip lock bag to hold the fragrance of the lavender longer.

Click here to download the instructions and the sweet dreams embroidery design. Make it from a solid fabric and embellish it with the Sweet Dreams embroidery design. Don’t have an embroidery machine?? Make it from a pretty print. Either way make two, one for nightly use and one to keep cool! I need not tell you that this makes a great gift.