Stitching Eyelet Embroidery


Ahhh, eyelet; it looks as beautiful on garments as it does on linens. Eyelet Borders Embroidery Designs #506sbd are now available for purchase in my Etsy Store. Even though the design set comes with instructions on how to stitch out eyelet embroidery it occurred to me that you embroidery beginners might feel a bit intimidated. So here is a quick tutorial – it really is easy.

You can certainly stitch eyelet embroidery designs onto many different types of fabrics, but for best results we suggest that you use all natural fiber fabrics such as linen and cotton. Add body and stability to your fabric with spray starch. It is especially important to use with finer weight handkerchief linens and cotton batiste.

Use a wash away stabilizer, as it can be completely removed from your fabric; a single layer of the medium or heavy weight wash away, or use two layers of the lightweight wash away.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAYou will also require an eyelet cutter and cutting mat so that you can easily cut the fabric in the eyelet area.


Here's how:

1. Prewash the linen or cotton/linen blend to preshrink. While still damp spray with starch, let dry slightly and press. Be sure to use a press cloth as starched fabrics scorch easily.

2. Setup your sewing machine for embroidery following manufacturer's directions. Thread on top with the rayon and the embroidery bobbin thread in the bobbin.

3. Hoop fabric and stabilizer. Put hoop into position onto your embroidery sewing machine. Select an eyelet embroidery design and stitch out the first color.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA4. When your embroidery sewing machine stops for the color change and the eyelets have been outlined, remove the hoop from your embroidery sewing machine, but do not remove the fabric from the hoop. Do not change thread color. The color stop is inserted only to allow you to cut out the eyelets.

5. With your eyelet cutter and mat, cut out the fabric in the eyelets. Gently trim away the jump stitches from the front and the back.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAReturn the hoop to your embroidery sewing machine and stitch the remaining colors. A satin stitch covers the eyelets.

6. When the embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the embroidery sewing machine and remove the fabric from the hoop. Trim away any remaining jump stitches from the front and the back. Cut away as much of the wash away stabilizer as you can. Then hold the fabric under running water to remove the remainder of the stabilizer. Wash, rinse dry and press.