Quick Gifts to Make–Baseball Keychain Wallet

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERANeed a super quick gift idea? this Baseball Keychain Wallet is easy to make and does double duty. It’s a keychain and a wallet. The baseball lover in your life will love it.

The pouch easily holds bills and change.  Makes a great stocking stuffer. Download the instructions here.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAHow to shorten a zipper
This little pouch requires a fairly small zipper; 4” to be exact. Now, there are small zippers put there, but they are not always easy to find. So when you can’t find what you are looking for, make it yourself. Buy a zipper that is longer than you need and shorten it – it’s easy!

Before you can cut the zipper to size, you will need to secure the end of the zipper, so that the slider doesn’t come off. The length of a zipper is measured from the start of the zipper teeth at the top, to the metal stopper at the lower end.


Measure the length that you need. Mark the spot on the zipper where the zipper slider needs to stop – this is usually just inside the seam allowance.


Select a zigzag and set the width to the widest possible. Reduce the stitch length to 0 – you stitch a zigzag stitch in place. Zigzag over the zipper teeth at the marked spot 7 to 8 times. Pull the thread tails to the back and tie into a knot to secure. Cut off the extra zipper length leaving 1/2” below the zigzag stitching.


And voila, you have shortened a zipper!