Low tech techniques

Even though I love all things high tech, I must admit there are some low tech sewing tools and techniques that I prefer over anything high tech or highly mechanized.


gathering_footWhile making this pretty little dress for my great niece Alexa, I realized even with the latest and greatest gathering and ruffling feet available, still the very best way to gather a length of fabric to a specific width is by using two rows of long running stitches.

Sure the gathering foot is fabulous and fast, it can even gather and attach at the same time. It’s perfect for puffing and many other fabulous heirloom and not so heirloom techniques. But it couldn’t quite do the trick for my dress. Well, there really isn’t an easy way to control how much you gather.

I made this bit of puffing by gathering either side of a strip of batiste – using the gathering foot. But I digress.  



img041Onto the next fabulous foot; the ruffler. It creates amazing strips of gathered and pleated fabric. It too gathers and attaches at the same time.  But again, it’s difficult to gather a length of fabric to a specific amount. Although the ruffler is a bit more accurate than the gathering foot.

Well as you can see there wasn’t too much gathering involved in making this sweet dress, so the two rows of gathers worked like charm. I do have a couple of other gathering techniques up my sleeve – but we’ll discuss those at another time.