Arrrrgh, Thread Breakage

So, I settle down for a leisurely day of embroidery and sewing, and wouldn't you know it the thread starts breaking, and breaking and breaking. AND it was at such a crucial part of the embroidery. I am working on an embroidery club project for January. OK, OK, here's a sneak peek:


fabric_thread_needlesAnyway, what to do?? I knew it could not be the needle, cause I just put in a brand new embroidery needle. So I checked the thread. My machine was threaded correctly and I was using a good quality thread. But, just to be sure, I changed to a brand new spool. I have had instances where a particular spool of thread is just bad. But not in this case. Finally I had a really good look at the fabrics that I was using. The fabric itself was fine, simple cottons and nothing out of the ordinary. However, I used some heavy fusible web to fuse the fabric in place, and that seemed to be the culprit. It was gumming up my needle and causing the thread breakage. So I switched to the lighter version of the fusible web, and like magic the thread breakage stops. In the end it was a lovely day for embroidery.