“Boo” and other Halloween stuff

Now that you are all acquainted with my new website and the download page, here comes the next project. It’s a fun and funky Halloween Treat Bag and a Pumpkin Pencil Top.


I made the pencil tops for my great niece and nephew last year; they loved them. What a great little Halloween bag stuffer. If you have a young child in school, the pencil top would make a great gift for classmates; well since you are not allowed to bring candy or other food in the classroom.




Here’s a tip from my proof reader Patricia, from Life’s A Stitch in Sault Ste. Marie.

“I just stitched out the jack o'lanterns and they turned out really cute.  To save on felt I hooped a double layer of sheer fabric and sewed out colour #2 and added my top piece of felt to cover the stitching and stitched the face and added the back piece of felt.  Worked well--also did 2 at once in my 100x170 hoop.  Wondered if the back would look better with the same colour of thread in the bobbin.”

Great tip Patricia, and yes the back would definitely look better with matching thread color.


I used the round spots (really that's what they are called) to secure the handles on this treat bag. They have prongs that poke through the fabric. You'll need a pair of pliers to bend the prongs. You can easily topstitch the handles or use buttons in place of the round spots. But if you want the round spots, they are available from Tandy Leather. Have fun with this one.