We’ve got an App for that

coverDon’t know if you’ve had a chance to search for the latest sewing and quilting Apps, but frankly there is not too many of them. I do however have one I love. It’s the Quilting Calculator. It’s put out by Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Quilter's Paradise and it’s FREE!

The App includes eight calculators:

Fabric Measurement Converter: Converts between inches and yards in decimal form, and yards in fractional form. (With metric equivalents.)

Backing and Batting Calculator: Determines how much material from a bolt of fabric is needed to make the backing for a quilt.

list of clacsPiece Count Calculator: Shows the number of fixed-sized pieces of fabric that can be cut from a larger piece.

Pieces to Area Calculator: Indicates how much fabric is needed in order to cut a given number of fixed-sized pieces.

Binding Calculator: Tells you the amount of fabric required to bind your quilt, based on the quilt’s dimensions and the binding strip width.

Border Calculator: Shows the amount of fabric required to create borders, based on a quilt’s dimensions and the width of the borders.

Square-in-a-Square Calculator: Works out the key dimensions of a square-in-a-square block.

Set-in and Corner Triangle Calculator: Determines the size of the square piece you’ll need to cut in order to create both unfinished set-in triangles and unfinished corner triangles.


It’s available for both the Apple and Android markets.

My friend, and über Mac devotee Janice and I were discussing Apps for our electronic gadgets (her with her IPhone and me with my IPod), when she tells me she is actually learning to create Apple Apps. Boy do I have a lot of ideas for her.