Organizing and reorganizing

Over the last 7 years my husband and I have managed to renovate almost the entire house. I say almost because there is one room that’s been left to the end;  and that is my sewing room. It hasn’t been painted in 15 years. In the past I have cleaned, organized and moved stuff around, but we’ve never done a complete renovation. Finally a couple of months ago we decided that this winter we are going to renovate my sewing room completely. Having made the decision I have spent the last two months, cleaning, organizing and reorganizing my sewing and crafting supplies, tools and equipment. Here are some pics of the current state of affairs.


On the one wall I have my books and sewing machine. The red chair is new and it stays.


On the other wall I have my fabric stash, and the cutting table in the center of the room. Well the cutting table wasn’t always in the center of the room. I SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAmoved it there recently, after a suggestion from my friend Janice. I must say it’s working out perfectly. My “state–of-the-art” light fixture is right over the table so I can finally see what I am cutting. The table used to be against the wall (where my ironing board is right now). With the light fixture behind me, I couldn’t see a thing.

Before we can move ahead with the renovation I have to decide where I want everything. So that we know where to place the lighting and electrical outlets. The rest is a new closet layout, a coat of fresh paint and maybe a new comfy chair. Still trying to decide whether to replace or refinish the parquet floor.  It’s in pretty good shape, so I might even leave it as is – just a light buff and coat to refresh. That’s the plan for now.