Finishing My Christmas Gifts


After completing this pretty girlie apron (Butterick pattern 5125), I am pretty much done with my Christmas sewing. Yay! Yes I buy patterns too. Actually I had this apron pattern for a while and just wanted to use it, finally. The apron is a Christmas gift for my sister (oops, hope she is not reading), and I had already made her one of my aprons.  You know the one from the His and Hers Aprons. Which, by the way is on sale in my Etsy store right now.

It’s hard to tell in the photo, but there is a separate flounce on the bottom that makes this apron look more like a dress. It looks really cute on. I am sure that my sister will love it.  She was complaining about her other aprons, made from canvas and linen – that they are very heavy. For this one I used a pretty quilting cotton, so it is very light. You can barely tell that you are wearing anything. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

I finished the hem on the flounce using my 2mm Narrow Hem foot. I hadn’t used this foot in ages. The pattern called for a narrow hem, so I though why not. After a test trial on a scrap piece of fabric I went right to the flounce edge. It turned out beautiful if I do say so myself. I know I could have used the rolled edge on my serger, but I really wanted this look for the apron.


This is what the Narrow hem feet look like. They have a twist in the front that folds the fabric as you sew. If you have one lying about, give it a shot. The 2mm is best for lightweight fabrics and the 5mm for medium weight fabrics.

I love using specialty feet – they make sewing tasks so much easier.