A Variation

A couple of days ago I got this email from Patricia at Life's a Stitch in Sault Ste. Marie:

“Hi Snez, some of my ladies were a little worried about the see through factor of light coloured batiste, but loved the nightgown, so I decided to experiment with putting the "flower shadow work" fabric on top with a more substantial fabric for the nightie and it worked great and looks great.”

Well she was right, she sent me a picture. Have a look, she did two color ways.

Pink on blue

purple on white

Nice huh? Here’s what she did:

“I was afraid the applique fabric would fray since you used a blanket stitch instead of a satin stitch, so I fused Steam a Seam on the back of the applique fabric. I stitched the first colour; the stems. Then I laid down the applique fabric (with the Steam a Seam) on top of my main fabric and stitched the first pink colour. I trimmed, quite close to the stitching, and finished the last two colours as per your instructions.”

Love it when people get creative!