I’m Frugal?

Frugal - characterized by thriftiness and avoidance of waste.


I guess this little pile of Aqua Magic scraps, that I can’t seem to throw away, proves it. Well, they are scraps no more. I am turning them into liquid stabilizer. I guess this further proves my thriftiness.

So, how do you turn a pile of Aqua Magic scraps into liquid stabilizer? It’s easy. Put the scraps into a plastic tub and add water. I am not sure how much of each at this point. Just make sure that the scraps of Aqua Magic are completely immersed.


Let sit for about half an hour or more; until the scraps melt completely. At first it will be a gooey mess. Add some more water to turn the gooey mess into a liquid. Pour into a spray bottle and voila, a liquid stabilizer. Simply spray onto fabric to saturate. Let dry, press and you are ready to embroider. Depending on the embroidery and the fabric, you may still need a layer of stabilizer. Always test first.