A giveaway from the heart

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIn honor of Will and Kate's royal wedding here is a fun freebie. I don't usually gush about these things, but I loved Kate's wedding dress. It look soooo elegant. I know some people thought it was too plain, but I think it was perfect for her.

Anyway onto  your free design. This sweet little lace heart looks lovely on a sachet, in the corner of a napkin and even on a camisole. The download includes simple instructions on how to stitch out this stand alone lace embroidery design. To applique the finished design onto fabric. Set your machine for zigzag (stitch length 1.5mm, stitch width 2.5mm) and leave thread as for the embroidery. Pin the lace heart into place. Zigzag around the edge of the design. Once it is stitched into place, trim away the fabric from behind the lace. Enjoy!

Email me if you have any questions.