My little black dress

black_dress_talbotsI tried on this lovely little dress a couple of weeks ago at Talbots. It looked fabulous, if I do say so myself. By the way, that’s not me in the pictures.


But the price tag was a little more than I wanted to spend ($200 CAD). “I can make it for a lot less”, I said to my friend Janice. Of course I say that all the time. Because I can make it for a lot less, but the problem is I never do. This time though, I promised I would. So I searched for a pattern that I could work with and found this one from Butterick.


The top and band worked perfectly, but  the asymmetrical skirt was not quite right for me. So I cut a very simple skirt; one piece for the front and two for the back. The skirt measures one and one quarter times my hip measurement plus seams, by the desired length plus seam and hem allowances.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe original dress has some funky raw edge strips on the skirt part. Of course I didn’t want to spend too much time sewing, so I found this fun textured fabric and voila! It looks way better on, but I didn’t have anyone to take my picture.

Some advice, if you are mixing and matching patterns, be sure to plan the construction right through to the end. The skirt on the Butterick pattern was unlined. But my fabric was a bit sheer and so I wanted to line my entire dress, including the skirt. It took me a couple of redos to get it just right.


Anyway, I love my dress and can hardly wait to wear it. I am pairing it with these sandals and handbag.