A heat wave and a new hat

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I really don’t wear hats. Mainly because I don’t look very good in hats. So why am I making a hat?? Well this heat wave has pushed me to it. The choice is clear, either wear a hat or stay indoors all day long. Since staying indoors all day is not an option, guess I am going to have to wear a hat. After all, I have to go for my daily walk and I have to get into my garden. Which, by the way is looking fabulous. But onto the hat making. Here is the result.


A big thanks to Judy (my dress form) for modeling it for me. The pattern is from a Simplicity freebie tutorial. You can download it here. Simply follow their directions and voila! I made the large size – I have a big head. It fits perfectly. And it’s reversible. I did one plain and one print side.


Both fabrics are cotton. The print is a quilting cotton and the solid is a cotton twill. If I make another one, I would use quilting cotton for both. I found the twill is a bit heavy for this reversible hat. Plus both fabrics are interfaced, so the interfacing adds weight too. For my interfacing I used a light weight fusible non-woven interfacing – a Pellon type.

If you want more of a, big floppy sun hat, give this Martha Stewart hat a try. It too is reversible, and it’s included in children’s sizes.

Now I am thinking about some embroidery I can do on the plain side – hmmm. What do you think?