Continuous Bias Binding Tutorial

If you’ve been following me here on my blog, then you know most of my projects include some kind of binding somewhere. What can I say, I just love binding, bias and otherwise. It’s such a lovely edge finish. It’s simple, clean and easy to apply. Plus, it allows you to add a contrast fabric to your project. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

The September embroidery club project is a good example; the towel is finished with two different sizes of bias binding. The bias binding is the perfect edge finish especially because the towel is round – hemming would have been disastrous. It’s hard to get a clean hemmed edge on waffle weave fabric at the best of times, never mind on a complete circle. The bias binding adds an additional pop of color, and it coordinates with the embroidery.

Of course if you want print, plaid or striped binding, you’ll have to make it yourself, cause you can only get it in solid colors in the store. But hey don’t worry, making your own bias binding is so easy you’ll never buy pre-packed again. Click here to download our super easy tutorial.

Need a long strip of bias binding, but don’t have a large piece of fabric? You’ll need the tutorial on how to make continuous bias binding. You can make long strips of bias binding in one continuous length, click here to download the tutorial.

bias tape maker

If you haven’t seen this little handy dandy machine – you should! It’s a bias tape maker.

Once you cut the bias binding, you’ll need to press it and that’s where this bias tape maker steps in. It creates customized single fold bias tape with the push of a button!

Monique from Brampton Sew-N-Serge demonstrated the model that she sells. And I can tell you, it really works. Be sure to ask your sewing machine retailer to get them in stock.