Last week when I wrote the tutorial on continuous bias binding, Sharon K left me this little note:

“I have never used a Bias Tape Maker, I always make my binding (bias or straight) by cutting the strips, pressing in half, wrong sides together, sewing onto item aligning raw edges, then bringing the binding to the back (or front) and either sew by hand or stitch in the ditch. How in the world do you miter a corner with binding made with a tape maker???”

Well Sharon, that’s a perfect description of how double fold binding is sewn. It’s a two step process that delivers excellent results. The binding in my tutorial is single fold binding. It too can be cut on the bias or on the cross grain, depending on it’s purpose. Both double fold and single fold binding can be sewn using the two step method that Sharon describes.

To create a perfect mitered corner with the single fold binding using this two step method goes as follows:

Single fold binding starts out with both edges pressed towards the center.


Open out one pre-folded edge on your single fold binding; then pin onto fabric with right sides facing and raw edges together. Stitch together right to the corner.


I sometime stop a seam allowance from the corner with the needle in the fabric. Then, pivot towards the corner and stitch out and off the edge. Recently I’ve decided that stitching right off the edge (as shown in the diagram) works just as well. Always use whatever method works well for you, never mind what anybody else tells you.



Fold the binding diagonally, as shown to turn the corner. Pin to hold in place. Stitch the next side, starting right from the top edge; continue stitching to the next corner. Complete any remaining corners in the same way. Turn the binding to the wrong side. Pin and stitch-in-the-ditch to hold in place. You can also slip stitch by hand.


This is the very same method used to turn and miter a corner when sewing double fold binding.

Single fold binding can also be applied using a speedy little one step method.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAStart with single fold binding. Fold the binding in half lengthwise, with the bottom (back) side slightly wider than the top (front) half. The overlap on the bottom (back) side ensures that it is caught in the single row of machine stitching. So, with the wider edge on the wrong side, wrap the binding onto the fabric edge. Edgestitch through all layers as shown above; stop approximately 5/8” from the corner.

Fold the binding down, along the next side.


Pin the binding along the next side, allowing the binding to fold up naturally in the corner.


Using a pin, tuck the excess fabric as shown to miter the corner.


Starting from where you left off in the first row of stitching, stitch the corner and the next side.


Complete any remaining corners in the same way. And you are all done all in one step!


I used the Left Edge Topstitch foot to sew the binding in place. It made stitching the binding effortless.

Single fold binding can also be applied in one step using a bias binder. A bias binder is an optional presser foot. More about that in another blog post.