It’s a snap!

Seems lately I’ve been using lots and lots of snap fasteners. For wallets,SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA bags, organizers, etc. They are such handy little closures and easy to attach. First here is some information you need to know before you attach your first snap.

There are two different types of snap fasteners or snaps (as they are more commonly referred to) available, post-style and prong-style. I mostly use the post-style snaps because they are best for the kinds of crafty things that I make. The prong-style snaps are more commonly used in garments.    Post-style are pictured here.

Attaching snaps requires not only the snaps but the setting tools. tools

The setting tools can be purchased in the economy pack with the snaps or they can be purchased separately. Since snaps are available in a couple of different sizes, you need to buy setting tools for each size.

First measure and mark the placement for the female part or “outer snap”. Punch a small hole at placement point using the eyelet punch. From the right side, insert the post of the cap through the hole and place onto the setting base. Place the ringed part over the cap shaft. Position the flaring tool over the shaft of the cap and hammer firmly a couple of times. The shaft of the cap curls back to hold in place.


Repeat the same steps to attach the male part or “under snap”.


Finally you have a snap fastener to be proud of.