Hoop Along – Cutwork Embroidery Part One

Welcome back to the hoop along. How did you do with the Appliqué Poppy? I am not hearing much from anyone, so am not sure if you are not doing the embroidery, or if it’s all going perfectly well. For those of you who have purchased the design, I’d really like to know how it’s going, so drop me a line.

OK, onto the next embroidery technique, drum-roll please, Cutwork embroidery using the Inspira® Cutwork Needles. Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t have the Inspira® Cutwork Needles, you can still do this design.


Cutwork embroidery, also known as Richelieu, may look complicated but is really quite easy to create, especially with your embroidery sewing machine. This elegant embroidery technique is quite versatile; it looks great on anything from garments to bed linens. Check out my Etsy store for additional cutwork projects and designs.

Purchase the cutwork border and stitch along with me. Click through the slideshow below to see all the designs included:

You can purchase the Cutwork Border design from my Etsy store.

I’ll send you a zipped file of the cutwork border embroidery designs via e-mail within 24 hours of receiving your payment. The zipped file contains embroidery designs for the 4”x4” (100x100mm) Standard hoop, the 9.5”x6” (240x150mm) Large hoop 1, and the 14.2”x7.9” (360x200mm) Large hoop 3, in the following formats:

.EXP, JEF, .HUS, .PCS, .PES, .SHV, and .VP3

Not all of the designs are included in all of the file formats. Some of the embroidery formats have embroidery design size restrictions. And some designs are specially set for specific hoops.

The download also contains an embroidery design spec sheet, including design size, stitch count, number of color changes and order of colors, basic cutwork embroidery directions and a design placement guide.

suppliesHere’s what you’ll need in way of supplies:

Linen or cotton/linen blend
Wash away stabilizer
40wt rayon thread in desired colors
Embroidery bobbin thread
Inspira® Cutwork Needles
Straight stitch plate
Sensor Q foot (Husqvarna owners only) 
Temporary adhesive spray
Bent embroidery scissors or snips
Spray-on starch

Cutwork embroidery designs can be stitched onto many different types of fabrics. However, for best results we recommend all natural fiber fabrics such as linen and cotton/linen blends. We've used all weights of 100% linen for our cutwork projects with excellent results. Be sure to pre wash the fabric to preshrink. While still damp spray with starch, let dry slightly and press; use a press cloth as starched fabrics scorch easily.

With cutwork embroidery you must use a stabilizer that can be completely removed, such as wash away. We use Aqua Magic to stitch our cutwork embroidery designs.

Please note you will need two layers of the wash away stabilizer if your fabric is lightweight. Be sure to stitch a sample first.


The INSPIRA® Cutwork Needles can be purchased alone or as part of a kit that includes a Cutwork Needle tip sheet and a how to video on the CD. Be sure to view the how to video and to print the tip sheet before using your cutwork needles for the first time.

So, get the cutwork border design, grab your supplies and join me over the next few weeks for the embroidery tutorial.