Hoop Along – Cutwork Embroidery Part Three


If you’ve already stitched the Appliqué Poppy this part is going to be easy-peasy. It's the design placement tutorial for the 4"x4" (100x100mm) Standard hoop; we'll combine the smaller designs to create the full cutwork border. I included a design placement guide with your cutwork border embroidery designs. but, just in case you can’t find it click here for a copy. 

If you haven't already done so, go ahead and print the design placement guide. Assemble the pieces as described on page one of the document - it tells you how to print and assemble the pages. Once you have that done, come back and continue reading.

Cut a piece of background fabric. The size of the background fabric will depend on where and how you are using the cutwork border. But to allow for hooping ease the background fabric needs to be at least 10” x 19”. Measure and mark the center lines on the right side of the background fabric. You can use a fade away or wash away marker. Because the embroidery has to be washed to remove the stabilizer, you may choose to use a wash away marker; sometimes fade away markers fade too quickly.

Center the design placement guide onto the right side of the fabric. Using your marker of choice, transfer the design placement markings onto the right side of the fabric.


The arrows on the design placement markings indicate the top of the design. The designs and the order that they are stitched are indicated at each of the design placement markings.

Cut a 10” x 19” piece of wash away stabilizer. Spray one side of the stabilizer with the temporary adhesive spray. Center it onto the wrong side of the fabric, sticky side of stabilizer to wrong side of fabric, finger press to adhere.

Place the inner hoop over design placement marking #1; match the markings on the inner hoop with the markings on the fabric. Hoop the fabric and stabilizer. Put the hoop into position onto your embroidery sewing machine and stitch out design ha002d_03. If you need a refresher click here to go to Hoop Along – Cutwork Embroidery Part Two to stitch the cutwork.


Repeat at placement marking #2, but here stitch design ha002d_04.


At placement marking #3 you'll stitch design ha002d_04 once again, but this time you need to flip the design, mirroring it from side to side on your embroidery sewing machine first. Then stitch the mirrored design ha002d_04 at placement marking #3. Not tricky at all right?


Finally stitch design ha002d_05 at placement marking #4 and #5.



And you are done with the embroidery. Next time we'll talk about some project ideas; where and how you can use this lovely design.