Hoop Along–Cutwork Embroidery Part Four

Now that you know how to stitch it out, lets talk about what you can do with this pretty cutwork border. First of all you can mix and match the individual design parts to create new cutwork shapes:




You can use all or any part of the cutwork border design to create a wide variety of table and bed linens. And of course you can stitch it onto garments; the center part of the cutwork border would look especially lovely on the back of a linen shirt.

Here is a simple placement idea for a placemat:



The center motif is perfect for the corner of the napkin. The hem of the napkin is finished with a hemstitch. Use a Schmetz size 100 wing needle with hemstitch. Just be sure to adjust the stitch length and width to approximately 2.5 to 3mm. Do a test stitch out first, to be sure. Click here to download instructions on how to do a double fold hem for all your table linens.