Pretty Fabric Baskets


Just looking at the colors in these pretty fabric baskets makes me happy. Spring is just around the corner and with it comes Easter. You have just enough time to make a couple for your Easter goodies.  The baskets are the March embroidery club project. Retailers just click on Retailer Login to get tobasket_cutwork_edging your download.

Both baskets feature cutwork embroidery from Cutwork Edging Embroidery Designs #sc067d, included with the project. These are cutwork embroidery designs, using the INSPIRA® Cutwork Needles. Makes machine embroidery cutwork oh-so-easy!


We’ve stuffed our Easter Basket to overflowing with a collection of brightly colored Easter egg candies. But you can store almost anything inside, real Easter eggs, chocolates and even toiletries and sewing supplies.