Sewing Room Reno

My sewing room renovation is completed. Well at least all the constructions parts. Here is what it looked like only 4 weeks ago. The lights are up, it’s painted, the floors are redone and all my sewing supplies, tools and machines are back in place. The basic layout hasn’t changed much, but it’s all new and I love it. I still need to get a table for my sewing machines, bookshelves and a few other odds and ends to complete the reno. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

My favorite part is the gigantic new storage area. We tucked an IKEA PAX storage unit in the space where the old closets used to be. It’s all open and I can easily see all my fabrics and supplies.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

The shelving is great, and I love the drawers. I have one absolutely filled with fat quarters. I also have a drawer for all my embroidery hoops and one for all my stabilizers. Can’t tell you how great it is to have these types of parts and pieces all in one place.


My makeshift sewing machine area works for now. I didn’t want to rush into anything until I figured out the best layout for this area. I did a little sewing and embroidery today to see how and where I wanted everything. Already I had to turn the cutting table around, but everything else seems to work great.