A cushion for my red chair

I love my new red chair, but because it’s plastic the seat is a little cool. I’m sure it will be great in summer, but right now I sit shivering as I sew. So, time to make a little cushion. And here it is.


it was super easy to make. I measured, cut the fabric and rounded the corners. To make it soft and cushiony I used two layers of fusible fleece. One layer is fused to the front and the other to the back.

I stitched tubes of fabric to fit 3/8” wide elastic. Pulled the elastic through the tubes of fabric. Stitched one end of the elastic onto the side release buckles and stitched the other end onto the cushion. Stitched front to back, leaving an opening for turning. Turned to the right side and stitched the opening closed. red_chair_cushion

The elastic strips are buckled on the underside of the chair to keep the cushion in place.