Warm and Sunny

The weather here in Toronto has been crazy warm for the last week and a half. So who wants to stay indoors and embroider? Well me and thousands of other sewing and embroidery enthusiasts, I am sure. Although I have spent a goodly amount of time out of doors in the last few days, I always set aside time to sew each day.

If you are looking for something new and spring worthy, check out my Etsy store. There are lots of bright and sunny projects. Here’s a little sampling. Just click on the picture of the project that you like and it will take you to it’s Etsy store page.

Cutwork Ribbon Embroidery Designs sc060d and Cutwork Pillowcase Sewing Instructions in PDF  Under the Sea Embroidery Designs sc059d and Beach Towel Rollup Sewing Instructions in PDF  Heirloom Fabric Embroidery Designs sc041d and Heirloom Sachet Sewing Directions in PDF

 Floral Wreath Appliqué Embroidery Designs sc054d and Appliquéd Tote Sewing Instructions in PDF Appliqued Flowers Embroidery Designs sc040d and Appliqued Messenger Bag Sewing Directions in PDF Cutwork Rose Embroidery Designs sc055d and Cutwork Dinner Roll Holder Sewing Instructions in PDF

 Crystal Flowers II Embroidery Designs sc057d and Wristlet with Embroidered Flap Sewing Instructions in PDFFloral Applique Machine Embroidery Designs sc032d and Appliqued Wallet Sewing Directions in PDF Hardanger Embroidery Designs sc001d and Bread Basket and Liner Sewing Directions in PDF