A new camera and a new outfit

patternI finally got myself a new camera, a Fujifilm Finepix F660EXR. Not the top of the line by any stretch of the imagination, but a really nice camera. It has so many features, I think I’ll actually have to read the manual on this one.

So that’s one new thing, I also spent the day sewing for myself, which is a rarity. I’ve decided no more work on weekends, I get to sew for me from now on. And try to update my blog every once in a while. What did I make you ask?? I made the skirt and the tank top.

I picked a really lightweight fabric, so I had to interline the skirt. Interlining is when you baste the fabric and lining together and sew them as one fabric.


It’s a little extra work, but totally worth it. All you do is put the fabric and lining pieces with wrong sides together and baste several times across. I usually start with a line down the center and then work to the sides.

And here are the finished skirt and top.

skirt  top

The skirt looks like a wrap, but it’s a full skirt. The wrap is just an overlay. I really love the fit of the skirt, I think I might make one without the wrap overlay. Even though it looks like an outfit, I will likely wear the two pieces separately, I am not much on wearing prints from heat to toe.