A first draft

Well last week I got myself a new camera and much to my disappointment it didn’t come with a camera bag. So, this weekend I made one. Actually this is the first draft. The basic idea works well, but there are lots of little bugs that need to be ironed out.


For one, I cut out the pattern with the tulip design upside down - oops. Then, I decided that I would use hook and loop tape (Velcro) for the closure. But because I stitched the quilt design through all three layers there was no way to stitch the hook and loop tape without it showing through to the other side. So when the bag is closed, well have a look:


As you can see the stitching on the hook and loop tape shows right through. Of course it would look better if I had used thread to match the background, but still. So, have to solve that problem.

Anyway, the camera fits perfectly inside. So, the project is a go. I just have to fix up the stuff that doesn’t work. Once I am done, I’ll try to get a little tutorial up.