Vintage Style

OMG, another Sew Creative Embroidery Club year is at an end. Wherever did it go? Really it seems we just started the year. Anyway, I am hoping you agree that this year is ending with a bang. Loved, loved, loved making this elegant table runner; it has an heirloom feel without being frilly. Four linen pieces are delicately held together with faggoting, made using a specialty foot. Have to admit, it’s not for the faint of heart. The one thing I can promise is that the step by step instructions are illustrated and guide you from start to finish.


This project is all about the techniques. The embroidery design includes wing needle work, cutwork (using the cutwork needles) and applique. Watch the slideshow to see a quick demo of the steps in this pretty embroidery design.

In the sewing techniques we include a simple mitering technique and making faggoting.

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