Taking a break

Well,only from my regular work of making embroideries and writing up instructions. Today I am making some shades for my sister.

My sister and her husband put up this beautiful gazebo a couple of weeks ago. They will eventually landscape around it and it will be even more lovely. In the meantime they have been enjoying their morning coffee inside the gazebo, ever since.


Problem is, starting around 4:00 in the afternoon, the sunshine makes it impossible to sit inside. So that's where I come in with the shades.

shadesWe bought this gorgeous striped outdoor fabric a couple of days ago. It’s not “Sunbrella” brand, but it was a great price and it is water, sun and mildew resistant. And my sister loves the colors of the strips. Anyway, today I decided to take some time to hemming_shadesmake the shades. 

They were so simple to make. I hemmed the sides with a 1” double fold hem.  Then finished the top and and lower edges with a 2” hem. the hem at the  top and lower edges will act as casings for wooden dowels.

To hang the shades, first we’ll insert the wooden dowels into the top and lower hems (casings). Then screw two metal eyelets into the top dowel, right through the fabric. The shades then hang on a couple of hooks attached to the gazebo. There’s still a couple of things to figure out, but for the most part my job is done.