An iPad Case

I’ve had my iPad now for several months and am enjoying it immensely. I didn’t know exactly how much use I would have for it before purchasing. But I figured at least it would be good for surfing, email and reading eBooks, if nothing else. Well, have to tell you I use it practically more than I do my computer. Anyway, ever since I purchased it I’ve been planning to make some kind of padded case. Sure I could have purchased the fancy one that Apple sells, but that one adds more weight. I wanted the iPad and case to be as light as possible. After all, lightweight and portable is the whole point of using a tablet. Otherwise I could simply drag my laptop around. So finally I took some time today to make an iPad case.


stitching_the_stripsFirst I measured my iPad and added seams and ease to the measurements. Then I stitched strips of cotton onto cotton batting; the cotton strips are of varied widths. You’ll notice a white strip in the middle of the batting, in the picture on the right. I used strips of leftover batting. The white strip is fusible knit interfacing holding the strips together. The knit interfacing does not add any extra bulk to the batting, so it’s perfect for fusing scraps together.

After stitching the fabric strips onto the batting, I added a monogram.


Finally stitched the lining and turned to the right side. I folded the strip in half and topstitched the sides to make a snuggly fit for my iPad. And voila!


You might notice that it looks eerily like the iPod and mobile phone case I made a while ago.