More Finger puppets


Last week I made a few finger puppets for my great niece Alexa. I started with a monkey, a pig and a little chick. Well she loved them and that inspired me to make a few more. So I added a dog, a bunny, a panda and a frog to my little menagerie. I know it’s a mish mash of farm and jungle animals, but these are the ones that inspired me.


anyway, as promised here is the pattern for all the finger puppets. So much fun to make and only very basic crafting skills needed.

Here's what you need:
Felt in a variety of colors: you can use wool or acrylic felt
Googly eyes
Craft glue
White flat button: pig's nose
Two black pearl beads: frog's nostrils
Pink pearl button: bunny's nose
1/2" white pompom: bunny's cotton tail

Here's how:
1. Print the pattern pages following directions below. Cut out all the pattern pieces from the felt.

2. Follow the color diagrams to position all the body parts. The ears are placed between the two body pieces. You can glue them on the back to hold in place. Glue the remaining body pieces onto the front. Set aside to dry.cotton_tail

3. Stitch the button nose onto the bunny and pig. Stitch the beads onto the frog as nostrils. Stitch the detail on the panda and the monkey.

4. Pin front to back with wrong sides facing. Select a seam/overcast stitch and set the stitch width of 3.5mm. Stitch together around the outer curved edge; leave the lower edge open.

5. Glue the googly eyes in place. Glue the pompom onto the back of the bunny. Let dry.

Have fun playing with your finger puppets!