Pretty lace

Hard to believe that my little embroidery sewing machine stitched these lovely lace squares. So simple and so much fun. I turned the lace squares into fabulous coin purses. The great thing about making your own lace is that you can make it in any color your like. Of course I did mine in a boring white, but they look soooo pristine. Anyway if you haven’t already guessed, this is the May embroidery club project. Retailers login to download the project and designs.


We used lace for the front and back of the swirly lace coin purse (above right). Only the front of the 3-D flower coin purse (above left) is lace; the back is fabric.

They are just large enough to fit your spare change, some dollar bills and even a credit card (although the credit card is a bit of a tight fit).

Having a wedding this spring? They make great brides maids gifts.

flex frameThe coin purses close with a metal internal flex frame. You can purchase these flex frames online in lots of places. We buy them here: