A fun little freebie

faceclothI totally pinched this idea from the Craft Bistro Blog. Not to worry, I asked for and was granted permission by Janice (the owner). Having been friends for a long time, we tend to share a lot of ideas, to the benefit of our respective customers.

Anyway this is a super simple little project and done completely in the hoop, well except for a little stitching on the back.

By the way you need a 5”x7” hoop or larger. If you have embroidery software you can rotate the design 45 degrees, and it will fit in a 4”x4” hoop. The reason that I did not include the rotated design is because it would be nearly impossible to add built-in for a monogram. However if you have embroidery software, you can do that before you take it to your embroidery sewing machine.

Here’s what you need

Corner Trim embroidery design


8” x 12” strip of cotton

Tear away stabilizer

40wt rayon thread in desired colors

Embroidery bobbin thread

Cotton thread to match

Temporary adhesive spray

Clear tape

Here’s How

Download the Facecloth Corner Trim Pattern and cut out the two pattern pieces. Also cut a 1 3/8” x 6” strip; this is the loop for hanging.

loopFold the 1 3/8” x 6” strip in half. Open out and then fold the sides towards the center. Fold in half once again and press. Topstitch the side. Set aside.


Cut a piece of tear away stabilizer just large enough to hoop. Hoop the stabilizer and put into position onto your embroidery sewing machine. Select the Corner Trim embroidery design. Stitch out the first color. This outlines the placement for the facecloth (diag. 1). Spray the back of one corner of the facecloth with the temporary adhesive spray and place into position just inside the outline (diag. 2). Stitch the next color. This holds the facecloth in place (diag. 3).


Place the Facecloth Corner Trim front into the hoop, with right side down and with the straight edge lined up against the lower edge of the previous stitching. Stitch the next color. This holds the front into place (diag. 4). Carefully spray the front with the temporary adhesive spray. Then flip up and press into place. Stitch the next color. This stitches the front into place and marks the placement for the loop (diag. 5).







If you want to add a monogram, this is the time. We stitched two lovely initials using the built-in lettering on our embroidery sewing machine (diag. 6). Be sure to check your embroidery sewing machine’s owner’s manual for specific directions for your embroidery sewing machine.





Fold the loop in half and center over the marking (diag. 7); use a bit of clear tape to hold into place. Stitch the next color. This stitches the loop into place. Place the Facecloth Corner Trim back overtop with right sides facing; use clear tape to hold into place. Stitch the next color. This stitches the corner trim back onto the facecloth (diag. 8).



Remove from hoop. Carefully remove the tape and the tear away stabilizer. You may need to cut away some of the tear away stabilizer. Trim the seam allowance down to approximately 1/4”. Turn to the right side and press. On the back, tuck the sides of the seam allowance in and then tuck the lower edge seam in. Slip stitch closed.