More Apple Stuff

Seems that everybody has an iPad or is buying an iPad. My iPad is definitely one of my favorite and most useful electronic gadgets. it’s lightweight and portable, so I can take it virtually anywhere. Anyhow, you don’t need me to extoll the virtues the iPad. When I purchased mine, I wanted to keep it as lightweight as possible so I purchased the flimsiest cover. I soon discovered that you can’t just drop it in your purse this way, it needs some kind of case. In keeping with my desire to keep it light, I made a strip quilted case, much like the iPhone case – well, yes they match. Gotta say, I love this method; you make a little quilted runner – easy right? And then just fold in half and stitch the sides. I mean super simple. I know there are tons of cases for the iPad – to be purchased or sewn. But I just wanted a simple sleeve to protect my iPad and keep it lightweight for travel. Plus I wanted to be able to use up scraps of fabric.

So the iPad case that I have been using for almost a year now is the next Embroidery Club project. Retailers just login to download the project and designs.