Chris’s Birthday Bunting/Banner

Remember the "Happy Halloween" bunting/banner?


Well I used the large letters to make a "Happy Birthday" bunting/banner for my great nephew Christopher.


fabricHad planned to use the blue for all the flag fronts. But there was not enough, so alternating blue and green it was. I used a fun crab print for the back of the blue flags and a geometric for the green flags. All in all I am really happy with it. Christopher's mom loves it, so that's enough for me.

I ended up buying a really fun “Did you know” book of facts for him. Had planned to simply wrap it in a bit of tissue paper and be done. I had plenty of tissue paper, but the colors were all wrong. Unfortunately at 9:30 pm, the night before the party, there was no time to buy, or at least I didn't feel like going to the store at that time. Anyway I did have lots of fabric, so at the twelfth hour I was making a gift bag. Good thing it came together quickly.


I used the same crab fabric as for the back of the blue flags. Started with a rectangle large enough to fit the book. Serged all around for neat edges. Stitched the sides, leaving openings for the drawstring. Turned in the casing and topstitched it into place. I wanted to use cord for the drawstring but naturally didn't have any. So wound up using double fold bias binding. I just stitched the open side - worked perfectly!

The label came really late.


About an hour before the party it occurred to me that the bag would be even more adorable with Christopher's name on it, of course. So I quickly stitched a name on some plain fabric. I folded the ends in and top stitched it to the bag. This operation would have been infinitely easier on a flat piece of fabric, but that's what happens when you don't think things through. By the way that’s the “Clarendon” font on my Designer Diamond, love it for quick labels and monograms for boys.