A fun new tote

origami_market_bagI made this pretty Origami Market Bag using this tutorial. The instructions are fairly simple, but it does assume that you have basic sewing skills.

Having made the bag, the only thing I would do differently is to add hem allowances to the suggested 17” x 51” fabric strip. So, assuming a 1/2” double fold hem, start with a fabric strip that measures 19” x 53”.

Probably should have made the bag from a less busy print so that it shows better in the photo. Also she suggests to use heavier fabrics, but I used quilting cotton and am happy with the bag. It’s super light and seems to fit a lot of stuff.

For the corners she suggests that you can create a boxed corner, a simple angle or just leave as is. I cut my bag corners at an angle – think this looks pretty. But maybe on the next one I’ll box the corners, just for something different. Anyway, hope you try it out, it’s a really nice bag.