A fish for Chris


A couple of weeks ago my 8 year old great nephew wondered if I could knit a clown fish that he could hang on his, so that everyone knows that it’s his room. Well of course knitting is not my thing so I did the next best thing, I embroidered a clown fish and turned it into a door hanger. Well needless to say it was super simple and Chris loves it.

You can get the clown fish in my Etsy store. I added the lettering using my 5D Embroidery. You can use your embroidery software or the built-in lettering on your embroidery sewing machine. Stitch onto a piece of fabric. Then cut it to measure 4”x51/2”. Baste the ends of a length of twill tape or ribbon approximately 3/4” from each end along the top edge. Cut another 4”x51/2” strip for the backing. Stitch together, leaving opening for turning. Turn to the right side stitch the opening closed and voila!

Now I have to make one for my great niece Alexa. She wants cupcakes with sparkles.