Chris's Turtle Pillow

My great nephew Christopher has had a little IKEA turtle pillow since he was a toddler. He loves it and sleeps on it every night. After many years of wear, the poor turtle pillow is on its last leg, so to speak. Perfect gift idea, right? That’s what I though as well. So I made him this adorable turtle pillow.

Turtle Pillow

Of course I could have developed my own turtle pillow pattern, but who has the time. So I purchased one from Becoming Bears ETC. As you can see I skipped the ruffle and made the pieced top from one color.

The pattern uses buttons for the eyes and hand embroidery for the nose and mouth. Since I don’t do hand embroidery very well I digitized the face. I appliqued the eyes and satin stitched the nose and mouth. All in all, I am very happy with the end result. Just hope Chis likes it.

Turtle Pillow up close

Here is the pillow all wrapped up.

Gift Bag

I tried a few different gift bags and boxes, but the turtle pillow proved very difficult to wrap. So I stitched up a fabric gift bag. I made it exactly like a pillowcase, with contrast band. Instead of a gift tag I embroidered his name on it. I tucked the turtle pillow inside and tied it just below the band.