Better late than never

Patricia from Life's A Stitch in Sault Ste. Marie emailed me these photos a few days ago. I meant to share them with you right away, unfortunately time got away from me.

Red and Green Stockings

She made the stockings using this pattern from a few years ago. I love that she used quilted fabric and I absolutely love the trim around the edge of the stocking. At first I thought it was piping of some sort. Then Patricia explained that it was a decorative stitch that she did on her Husqvarna. She used it because it looks like a candy cane. She explains:

"I used the clear seam guide foot and ran the flange right along the edge of the cut out quilted stocking piece. That placed the stitching just nicely a quarter of an inch away from the seam after the stocking is stitched. The stitch I used was N12 and I used it at the default, but set my machine to woven heavy."

Thanks for the tips Patricia the stockings are beautiful.