A New Website

I'm really excited to present my new website. All the stuff is here from my old site with a few changes. It’s a little less cluttered, more streamlined so you can really focus on the information and not on the blinky stuff. The navigation is now at the top, with drop down menus. Hope you like. A big thank-you to my friend Janice who did most of the work - OK all the work. Thanks Janice!

I've spent the last few days sewing gifts for my great nieces and nephew. I try to sew something for each of them every year. It's so much easier than pushing my way through crowded malls. Here's what I have so far. I'll be posting separately on each item, this is just a quick peek.


I still have a few more things to make, but am very happy with the stuff so far.

For my Embroidery Club retailers, I am still planning on starting the embroidery club. But am not sure exactly when. I had big plans to start in Jan. or Feb., but things have not worked out that way. I've been sidelined with some annoying seasonal viruses and that has set back my plans by a few months. I promise to contact everyone as soon as I have a set date.