Coffee to Go

One of my first Sew Creative Embroidery Club projects was this handy coffee cup cuff. The set includes Cake & Coffee Embroidery Designs #sc008d and sewing directions for the Coffee Cup Cuff and Embroidered Dessert Napkins. It's a super easy project and makes a great gift.

If you love the embroidery, but are not so sure about the sewing. Why not make it from felt.

I was inspired to make my felt cup cuff by this post from Lia Griffith. They finished the edge of the felt cuff with a blanket stitch, but it's felt, there really is no need for edge finishing unless you want to. My hand stitching is not the greatest so I left well enough alone. Oh, the design on my felt coffee cup cuff is free to you. Click here to download the coffee cup cuff design. The white area in the design is an applique. Not sure how to do machine embroidery applique? See my hoop along tutorial here.

OK, so what's left?? Oh yeah, the cuff pattern. You can use the one from Cake & Coffee Embroidery Designs #sc008d or you can make your own. You just need one of those paper cuffs from your favorite coffee shop. Open out, trace and add any overlap necessary for your cup size.

If you don't buy take out coffee, you can make a cup sleeve or cup cozy for your ceramic mug. You can get a pattern from Morning Glory Embroidery Designs sc030d and sewing directions for Quilted Tea Cozy and Cup Cozies project set.

Which ever you make, don't forget the mug rug. A coffee cup cuff and mug rug, the perfect gift set.