My new Lettuce Bag

I first made this project many years ago. It sounded like such a great idea; keep your lettuce crisp and cool in a lovely reusable fabric bag instead of a disposable plastic bag. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Well me for one, after I tried it. My lettuce barely lasted a couple of days before it wilted. So for the next several years I went back to plastic. Until I read this post, and learned the trick. The first time I tried using a fabric lettuce bag I didn’t realize it should be damp. Guess I missed that in the instructions way back when. Anyway I am back to loving the idea of a fabric lettuce bag. In the post she uses a pillow case, but I figured with my sewing skills I could whip up a lovely little bag from a tea towel. And voila! I wrote up instructions for this one, you can download them here.

In my Wet Bikini Bag post, I boasted about my wonderful dollar store terry towel find. However, it seems that all dollar store towels are not made equally. The tea towel I purchased for my lettuce bag was less than perfect, but I trimmed the wonky edges and used it anyway.

Now you don’t have to add embroidery, but where is the fun in that? I used design 603sbd_02 from my Lettuce Embroidery Designs #603sbd and the lettuce bag instructions design. The lettuce bag instructions design is included with the lettuce bag.

A couple of tips before you start, because this is a bag and you don’t see the back of the embroidery, you don’t have to use wash away on the back.  You can easily use tear away stabilizer. Also, on my bag I used a wash away on top; I used a couple of layers of Solvy in fact. For most tea towels you won’t need any stabilizer on top, but my towel is a waffle weave and the wash away made the surface smoother.

Sewing retailers, feel free to download the lettuce bag and use for a class or demo. Only thing I ask is that you send your students to my site to download their own copy. Thanks.