Wet Bikini Bag

The weather has been absolutely lovely here in Toronto in the past few days. Not quite beach weather, but it did give me an idea, for when it is beach weather. I made this fun little terry towel bag. It’s lined with nylon so it’s almost water proof. Best way to carry your wet bathing suit after a long day at the beach. It’s a wet bikini bag! It would make a great little gift for your favorite girl, just sayin.

You can start with terry towel yardage, but it’s just as easy to make it from a hand towel. I bought mine from the dollar store; sorry folks who sell high end terry. This towel is not too thick and not too thin, it’s definitely in the Goldilocks zone of terry towels, just right. And it worked perfectly with the embroidery as well.

I embroidered the Bikini Applique Embroidery Designs #605sbd and added the “Wet Bikini Bag” lettering. You can download the “Wet Bikini Bag” lettering here or you can use your embroidery sewing machine’s built-in lettering.

To start you will need to cut the terry towel to measure 13” x 25 1/4” and two 13" squares from nylon. You will also need a 14” zipper and some matching thread. If you want to add a strap you’ll need a 3” x 14” strip of cotton and a 1 1/2 ” x 14” strip of fusible interfacing.

If you want to add the embroidery, get your Bikini Applique Embroidery Designs #605sbd and the “Wet Bikini Bag” design. Next stitch out or print out placement templates. You can download template making directions here.  The smaller designs are for the 4”x4” (100x100mm) hoop and the larger designs are for the 5”x7” (130x180mm) hoop.

If you haven’t stitched on terry before there are a couple of things you need to know. Terry towel has a pile and because of that, embroidery tends to sink into the fabric. To avoid this, you will need to use a stabilizer on top as well as on the underside of the fabric. I used Clear-N-Melt on top and a tear away on the underside. Use a temporary adhesive spray to hold them in place. If you like, read this tutorial about stitching on fabrics with a pile.

Position the placement templates onto one end of the terry strip. On my bag, the top of the writing is approximately 2 3/4” from the top edge and the designs are centered across.

The bikini designs are machine embroidery appliqué. The images below show a quick step by step. If you need more instruction, don’t worry the designs include detailed embroidery directions.

Once the embroidery is complete, gently remove the tear away stabilizer. Then tear away as much of the Clear-N-Melt as you can. Press carefully and lightly with your iron to remove the remainder of the Clear-N-Melt. Now you are ready to stitch the bag.

To make the strap, center the fusible interfacing onto the cotton strip and press. Press the sides in to the center of the fabric strip. Fold and press in half. Topstitch the open side. Fold in half to make a loop and pin the raw edges to the right side of the embroidered end, approximately 1/ 1/2” from the top edge. Baste in place.

Follow this basic tutorial to complete the bag, using a 3/8" seam allowance. You can skip the part about squaring the lower edge. Just leave it flat.