Quilted Fabric In-the-hoop

There are some projects that really call for quilted fabric; cosmetic cases, sunglasses pouches, and trivets, just to name a few. Here’s a quick and easy way to make your own quilted fabric for all kinds of small projects. It’s in-the-hoop, of course.

After quilting my fabric in-the-hoop, I was able to make this pretty cosmetic case in about 15 minutes. It’s great for a quick gift.

Download the cross hatch quilt designs here. I’ve included 4 designs, one for each of the following hoops:
5”x7” (130x180mm)
9.5”x6” (240x150mm)
10.2”x7.9” (260x200mm)
14.2”x7.9” (360x200mm)

To create your own quilted fabric cut two pieces of cotton and one piece of quilt batting, just large enough to hoop. Sandwich the batting between the fabric and hoop. Select the quilt design for your hoop and stitch out.

I usually use matching cotton thread for the bobbin and InvisaFil thread for the top. I love the InvisaFil thread. It’s soft, sews beautifully and with great tension. It’s almost translucent, so it blends with most colors.

If you want to make the quilted pouch above, quilt the fabric and then follow my Simple Pouch Tutorial. I used one repeat of design quilt_block_3. The quilt block designs have a running stitch outline, so I trimmed my block with a 1/4” allowance all the way around.

If you would like cross hatch quilt designs that are continuous, for a larger strip of quilted yardage, have a look at Quilted Table Linens with the Olive Branch Embroidery Designs. The set includes seven olive motif designs and four quilting motifs. Two of the quilting motifs (designs sc049d_08 and sc049d_10) are endless designs. Endless embroidery designs include alignment stitches, start markers and end markers, which make stitching out connecting repeats foolproof! Download a PDF of the Olive Branch Embroidery Design specs to see all the designs in this set.