Zip it up

A few days ago Linda from Brampton Sew n Serge asked if I would include a handbag with a zip top in the coming Sew Creative Embroidery Club. She specifically wants the zipper inserted without stitching the zipper teeth into the seam. I agree, stitching the zipper teeth into the seam makes it bulky and quite unattractive. I quickly said I would try and left it at that. Later I thought to myself, surely over the nine years of embroidery club I must have made a bag with a good zipper insertion. Well over the years I have made pouches, wallets, cosmetic bags, tote bags and clutches; unfortunately most of these have magnetic closures.

Yes there are flat zipper insertions,  and some zippers with tabs sewn into the top, but I think I can do better. So, I will definitely include a handbag in the coming embroidery club, with a zip top! In fact I am looking forward to working on one.

In the meantime check out these two blogs, they have the most amazing tutorials on bag making.