To Pre-wash or not to Pre-wash?

Ahead of the start of the hoop along/quilt along I thought I would ask the question to pre-wash or not to pre-wash?  There are people who always pre-wash, there are those who never pre-wash and some pre-wash some of the time. I'm in the later camp; for small projects I don’t, but for larger projects I tend to pre-wash my fabrics. There are of course good reasons to pre-wash; to remove the sizing, to ensure that colors don’t run or bleed and to keep shrinkage to a minimum. There are as many good reasons not to pre-wash; takes time that you may not have, leaving the sizing in keeps the fabric crisp and easy to manage, and the small amount of shrinkage gives quilts a warm vintage look.

I didn't pre-wash my first table runner, the purple one in my blog post, but I will pre-wash all the fabrics for the one I plan to make during the hoop along. I guess I will find out the real difference once I finish and launder the runners.

Have a read through this blog post from Craftsy for more information about pre-washing:

After reading all the pros and cons, if you do decide to pre-wash be sure to serge the raw edges of your fabrics to keep from ravelling. Once dry, take the fabrics out of the drier right away. As soon as the end of cycle buzzer goes off on my drier I take the fabrics out and fold them; keeps them from wrinkling. I don't have to press the fabric until I use them. The Craftsy article suggests to never pre-wash pre-cuts and small pieces of fabric, but if you need to, tuck them into a mesh lingerie bag. This will protect the fabrics and keep them from getting lost in the washing machine.