Patchwork Flowers Table Runner - Hoop Along Part One

Welcome to the Patchwork Flowers Table Runner hoop along. This beautiful table runner features precision pieced floral quilt blocks, stitched entirely in the hoop and then sewn together to create this stunning table runner. The runner is also quilted in-the-hoop, using the coordinating quilting motifs. All designs are included in four sizes, 5”, 6”, 7” and 8”.

Let's get started. The first thing you have to do is decide which size block design to use.  The size of the block determines the finished size of the table runner. I used the 5" block designs for my runner. This is a good size for my table. The 5" and 6" blocks are both good for a table runner. The 7" and 8" blocks are a bit big for the table, but work perfectly well as bed runners.

The fabric amounts you need are listed in your Sewing and Embroidery Supplies.  If you haven't purchased your pattern yet, you can download a supplies list here.

Here's the list of fabrics that you need:
A background fabric in a solid or print
A medium and a dark fabric in solid or print for the flower block design
A co-ordinating green for the side and center block designs
Fabric for sashing and borders
Fabric for binding
Fabric for backing

Those of you that know me, know that I tend to be very conservative in my color choices. I use lots of neutrals in solid colors. When I use real color, it tends to be tone on tone, like the shades of purple in my table runner.

I used the small print as the background fabric for the flower block and the larger print (batik)  for the side and center blocks. I loved both prints, didn't have enough of either for all the blocks, so I used both. I simplified the pattern and included the background fabric as one yardage. But, if you want to use two different fabrics like I did, just split the yardage, getting a bit more for the center and side blocks than for the corner blocks.

The polka dot binding is cut from a fat quarter. I used every inch of the fabric; I didn't even have a scrap left for the stack of fabrics picture. Initially I was worried that it would look choppy, but because it's a print the many seams don't show up, even up close.

Here is the color scheme for my hoop along table runner. The polka dot is my background fabric. I love polka dots!

Here is the corner block in different color combos with large print, small print and solid backgrounds. The green in the center block is a Christmas print:

Once you get your fabrics together, give them a good press before you start cutting. If you didn't see my blog post about pre-washing, have a read here.

Cutting directions for each block size are listed starting on page 10 of the instructions. There is a separate page for each block size. The fabric pieces are cut slightly larger than needed. I wanted to make sure each piece fit comfortably without too much waste. Basically the fabrics are cut into squares, strips and triangles, so it's pretty quick and easy cutting. The triangles start out as squares and are sub-cut diagonally. There is only one pattern piece; the side panel on the Triangle-in-Square block design.

Here are all my fabrics cut and stacked; ready for embroidery!

Fusible No-Show Mesh Stabilizer
The only thing left to discuss before we start to embroider is the stabilizer. The patchwork is stitched on a single layer of fusible no-show mesh stabilizer. There are many brands of this stabilizer available for purchase and I've used a few of them. They all work well, so buy and use whatever you have locally. It's best to get it on a roll in a width that just fits your hoop. The roll that I purchased fits my 10.2"x7.9" hoop (260x200mm) perfectly, with little waste. For the runner however I plan to use my 6"x6" (150x150mm) hoop, and that leaves lots of waste.  To get more hoopings, I fuse narrow strips of leftover stabilizer onto the sides. This way I can hoop twice across the width of the stabilizer and use up every little bit.

Fusible No-Show Mesh is fairly lightweight. Depending on the hoop you use, it might slip just a bit. My 6"x6" ( 150x150mm) Do all Quilter's Hoop has two inner hoops, one for lightweight fabrics and one for heavy fabrics. If you don't have a hoop for lightweight/sheer fabrics you may consider using Hoop Grip Tape. Here are some less expensive alternatives; just scroll down to "Hooping".

I think that's it for now. Leave me a comment or email me at See you back next week for the embroidery!